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• Adhesive and tacky lube for the lubrication of motorbike chains.

• Extends chain & sprocket life

• Reduces noise & improves mileage

• Provides exceptional lubrication to high speed chains



Chain Lube Spray TC 40 is an effective adhesive chain lubricant for lubrication and corrosion protection of high speed chains in automobiles. After evaporation of solvent portion, its residual material forms a tenacious lubrication ln that resists wear, corrosion and does not get thrown off. It is suitable for all types of chain driven vehicles like bicycles, motor cycles as well as industrial chains that require a lubricant of moderate adhesiveness.

Chain Lube Spray TC 40 is used for superior lubrication of all types of automobile chains, conveyors, gear drives,pulleys etc.

Advantages With outstanding creep and lubricating effect •Particularly suitable for fast-running chains •Reduces chain elongation and helps to extend chain service life. Full effectiveness only when used unmixed •Extremely adherent and waterproof chain lubricant•Compatible with O,X,Z rings



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Weight 0.143 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 15 cm


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