Full-synthetic, ester-fortified 4-stroke engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection, peak performance and positive clutch feel. Surface-active, oxidatively-stable formulation provides excellent film thickness while maintaining viscosity across all operating temperatures. Advanced, proprietary additive system keeps your engine running clean, trouble-free and extends the life of the machine.


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* Superior protection at any temperature
* Excellent clutch feel and clutch protection
* Shear stable, ester-fortified formula maintains oil viscosity and film thickness
* Proprietary additive system and synthetic base oils combine to minimize oxidation and wear
* Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces and keeps them clean
* Exceeds API SN PLUS and JASO MA2 specifications
* Ester based
* Reduces friction & engine temperatures
* Viscosity Stable
* All weather formula
* Easy starts
* Reduces engine wear
* Improves fuel economy
* Smoother transmission shifting
* Superior engine cleanliness
* Extends drain intervals
* Formulated for “Wet” clutches
* Meets or exceeds API SL and JASO MA2 specifications



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