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Inline4 – Keytag – Good Vibes-Good Rides

Hang on to the good fortune with the Good Vibes high-grade scratch-resistant keytag cum wristband



Are you still holding onto that keychain that you got from the dealership when you bought your vehicle?
It?s probably worn out now, strands of thread coming out of it. You want a new one but you just can?t seem to find the one. I know, most of the tags out there have no relevance whatsoever to what you like. Most people just buy one for the sake of it.
But not you, you know exactly what you are and what you want. Something that puts it out there that you mean business, that vehicle isn?t just a means of transport for you, it?s almost an extension of your body. What better way to carry the key to this machine than our amazing and unique key tags.
We?ve got a huge collection and there?s definitely that one unique key tag that speaks to you here.
On top of this, it?s pretty convenient too. You don?t have to have dangling keys inside your pocket and worry about it scratching your phone anymore. Just attach it to your belt loop and our gunmetal hook is strong enough to keep it there.
Flex them keys, buy our tags.



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Weight 0.013 kg
Dimensions 5.2 × 1 × 20.5 cm


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